You remember hearing Grandma talk about taking the buggy to church or Christmas as a child in the Ukraine but you don’t know how to get it down on paper? Maybe you recall the way Grandpa talked about harvest days in his earlier years. Who is going to write these stories for children and others?
These are days when the ancestor stories need to be written or they could be lost forever, lost to folks who could appreciate them — legacy stories that could continue to mold character in healthy and moral ways;  or just fun-to-read stories that could make people laugh.
Since a Swiss Mennonite Cultural and Historical Association goal is to collect ancestor stories, Laurie Oswald Robinson, a local writing specialist, has been asked to help folks to be able to find a way to save these memories through story. Laurie will be at the Pine Village Wellness Center in Moundridge from 9 a.m. to noon April 9 to offer simple writing tools so that those who don’t want to forget these significant memories could be encouraged to get started writing.
The free meeting is open to all whether or not they consider themselves a writer.  For more information, call Kathy Goering at 620-345-8532. Reservations are needed to save a seat, limited to 25. Call Becky Jo Pyle at 620-345-2900 to RSVP.