For nearly twenty years, the Knackstedt family has run a Scotts LawnService franchise out of Inman, serving residential and commercial customers in Hutchinson, Salina, Newton and McPherson.

When Scotts LawnService was bought out by TruGreen last year, Tyler Knackstedt thought it would be a good time to take control of the business. The lawn care service is going independent and has been renamed as Legacy Lawns.

"We used to be Scotts LawnService. Now we're starting up a different business," Knackstedt said.

Legacy Lawns will provide many of the same services it did as Scotts LawnCare — taking care of nearly every aspect of growing lawns except for keeping them mowed.

"We'll be doing lawn fertilizing, spraying weeds, and we also do over-seeding and spraying for mosquitos," Knackstedt said. "We just started doing mosquito control a couple of years ago."

Legacy Lawns uses a fogger to deter mosquitos.

"We fog bushes and any foliage areas, because that's where they go during the daytime, the shady areas," Knackstedt said.

Legacy Lawns will also help customers fight lawn-destroying insects such as grubs and fall armyworms and animals like moles that burrow holes in the ground.

Keeping every customer's grass green and thriving is the goal for Legacy Lawns. While the winter months are slow for lawn care, Knackstedt expects business to pick up as soon as spring nears.

"We're starting out next month with crabgrass preventer and fertilizing. During the summer months, that's when we do the grub control," Knackstedt explained.

Employees of Legacy Lawns take part in continuing education classes, relying on information on the latest in lawn care provided by Kansas State University's K-State Research and Extension resources.

The Knackstedts are planning on staying put in their location outside of Inman, since it lets them reach a broad area of customers.

"We do a lot of work," Knackstedt said. "I'm starting this up, going independent, and McPherson's been really good to us. That's where the majority of our customers are."

Pam Knackstedt noted the company's new logo was designed with the assistance of graphic designers Gregory, Inc. in Buhler.

"I try to use everybody local," she said.

For more information about Legacy Lawns, call 620-585-2378.