It’s summer and the perfect time for do-it-yourself projects. But, remember, if you’re digging, make sure to call 811 before you get started. It’s easy to jump right in and get to work, but you’re putting yourself, your family and your community at risk.

Every six minutes in the U.S., an underground utility line is damaged because no one called 811 to make a location request. One quick call to the “Call Before You Dig” 811 number can prevent unintentional damage, service interruptions, potential fines, costly repairs and even injury. And, it’s free.

On Thursday or 8/11 Day, CHS, the nation’s largest farmer-owned cooperative, wants to ask for your help to keep you, the communities and pipelines safe, which includes the Jayhawk, KAW, and CHS Council Bluffs Conway pipeline systems. When you’re about to kick-off your next project, call 811 or log on to

This year, in honor of Call Before You Dig, please join CHS Inc. at the KAPS Convenience Stores located in Lyons and at 1035 W. Kansas Ave. in McPherson on Thursday. CHS will give away $8.11 Cenex gas cards to the first 100 customers at each location starting at 8:11 a.m.

And remember, regardless of how deep you’re going to dig, make sure you call 811 before getting started it’s a free service. The safety of you and your family depends on it.