Fifty-eight new law enforcement officers were congratulated by U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Wichita) during their graduation from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center last month.

Fifty-eight new law enforcement officers were congratulated by U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Wichita) during their graduation from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center last month.

The new officers were members of the 240th basic training class at the center. Located one mile west and one mile south of Yoder, near Hutchinson, the center is a division of University of Kansas Professional & Continuing Education.

The graduates, who began their training April 18, represented 47 municipal, county and state law enforcement agencies from across Kansas.

Graduates receive certificates of course completion from KLETC and Kansas law enforcement certification from the Kansas Commission on Peace Officers’ Standards and Training, the state’s law enforcement licensing authority. The training course fulfills the state requirement for law enforcement training. Classroom lectures and hands-on applications help train officers to solve the increasingly complex problems they face in the line of duty.

Established by the Kansas Legislature in 1968, the center trains the majority of municipal, county and state law enforcement officers in Kansas and oversees the training of the remaining officers at seven authorized and certified academy programs operated by local law enforcement agencies and the Kansas Highway Patrol.

About 300 officers enroll annually in the 14-week basic training program. The center offered continuing education and specialized training to as many as 5,600 Kansas officers each year. Funding for the training center is generated from court docket fees from municipal and state courts. No funds from the state’s general revenue are used to operate the center.

Graduates who granted permission to release their names are listed below by agency.

Atchison County

Atchison County Sheriff's Department; Charles Thomas; deputy; Atchison

Atchison Police Department; Whitney Wagner; patrol officer; Atchison

Barton County

Barton County Sheriff's Office; Lindsey Drescher; patrol deputy; Great Bend

Butler County

Butler County Sheriff's Office; William Quiala; deputy; El Dorado

Andover Police Department; Vernon Walker; patrol officer; Andover

Cowley County

Cowley County Sheriff’s Department; Joshua Campbell; road deputy; Winfield

Dickinson County

Dickinson County Sheriff's Department; Kyle Jones; deputy; Abilene

Abilene Police Department; Ricky Williams; patrolman; Abilene

Douglas County

University of Kansas Public Safety Office; Bevin Coons; patrol officer; Lawrence

University of Kansas Public Safety Office; Eric Schroeder; patrol officer; Lawrence

Edwards County

Edwards County Sheriff's Department; Jeremy Jarvis; deputy; Kinsley

Finney County

Garden City Police Department; James Benson; patrol officer; Garden City

Garden City Police Department; Margo Edler; patrol officer; Garden City

Garden City Police Department; Logan Mosburg; patrol officer; Garden City

Ford County

Dodge City Police Department; Michael Faulkner; patrol officer; Dodge City

Dodge City Police Department; James Hager; patrol officer; Dodge City

Harvey County

Newton Police Department; Aliex Kofoed; patrol officer; Newton

Hodgeman County

Hodgeman County Sheriff's Department; William Killen; deputy; Jetmore

Hodgeman County Sheriff's Office; Grant Stairrett; deputy; Jetmore

Jackson County

Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribal Police; Frankie Smallwood; patrol officer; Mayetta

Kingman County

Kingman Police Department; Levon Crotts; patrol officer; Kingman patrol officer; Kingman

Leavenworth County

Leavenworth County Sheriff's Office; Louis LaDuron; deputy; Leavenworth

Leavenworth Police Department; Tiffany Thompson; patrol officer; Leavenworth

McPherson County

McPherson Police Department; Ayeshah Mullen; patrol officer; McPherson

Miami County

Louisburg Police Department; Nathan Bell; patrol officer; Louisburg

Mitchell County

Beloit Police Department; Trevor Wendt; patrol officer; Beloit

Montgomery County

Independence Police Department; Damon Athey; patrol officer; Independence

Coffeyville Police Department; Dakota Hill; patrol officer; Coffeyville

Caney Police Department; Quinton Sumpter; patrolman; Caney

Nemaha County

Seneca Police Department; Dylan Blevins; patrol officer; Seneca

Neosho County

Neosho County Sheriff's Department; Justin Hartzell; deputy; Erie

Neosho County Sheriff's Department; Cierra Lamb; deputy; Erie

Osage County

Osage City Police Department; Jarred Meek; patrol officer; Osage City

Phillips County

Phillips County Sheriff's Office; Jared Kendall; deputy; Phillipsburg

Pottawatomie County

Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office; Brian Swenson; deputy; Westmoreland

Reno County

Reno County Sheriff’s Office; Eric De La Cruz; deputy; Hutchinson

Reno County Sheriff’s Office; Jake Harrison; deputy; Hutchinson

South Hutchinson Police Department; Kalin Jackson; patrol officer; South Hutchinson

Reno County Sheriff’s Office; Erik Lutz; deputy; Hutchinson

Russell County

Russell County Sheriff's Office; Ferdinand Gutierrez; deputy; Russell

Saline County

Salina Police Department; Dustin Aldrich; patrol officer; Salina

Salina Police Department; Alexander Protzman; patrol officer

Salina Police Department; Anthony Roman; patrol officer; Salina

Sedgwick County

Derby Police Department; Christopher Clennan; patrol officer; Derby

Garden Plain Police Department; Timmothy Day; patrol officer; Garden Plain

Wichita State University Police Department; Dillon Dickerson; patrol officer; Wichita

Haysville Police Department; Miguel Galvez; patrol officer; Haysville

Valley Center Police Department; Jeremy Manning; patrol officer; Valley Center

Haysville Police Department; Marisa Rhodeman; patrol officer; Haysville

Wichita State University Police Department; William VanScoter; patrol officer; Wichita

Shawnee County

Shawnee County Sheriff's Office; William Falley; deputy; Topeka

Smith County

Smith Center Police Department; Mickey Drake; patrol officer; Smith Center

Wabaunsee County

Wabaunsee County Sheriff's Office; Charles Buss; deputy; Alma

Wabaunsee County Sheriff's Office; Ralph Dunn; deputy; Alma

Wyandotte County

Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office; Devin Baird; deputy; Kansas City.