Christopher Bell has achieved more 24 years, than many will in their entire lives.

Christopher Bell has achieved more 24 years, than many will in their entire lives. The McPherson native has written 10 books so far.

First published in 2014, Bell has regularly compiled thoughts on life, the Bible and its applications into commentaries aimed at guiding others through difficult times.

“I try to write in a way that everyone can easily relate to and understand,” Bell said. “If they pick up one of these books, I want them to be able to understand it and apply it to their lives. These thoughts are important to me, and I think explaining them can be helpful to other people as well.”

Bell began writing where most young people pen their thoughts — Facebook.

“In 2012 or 2013, I started posting long statuses about the Bible. I got really good responses, so I kept writing them. Then I turned those into a book, then wrote a second one like it and went from there,” Bell said. “It was weird because I didn’t quite know how to turn it into a book-form, so I worked with Jan Hurst and she helped me a lot with the first couple books. She edited, helped me find covers and get them printed.”

Bell is starting his sophomore year at McPherson College and is majoring in psychology. He explained that learning how to understand people and different personalities is key for personal growth and opening perspectives.

“I write a lot about love and treating people right,” Bell said. “In ‘What Love Looks Like,’ I write about what a loving person looks like. For example, there’s a chapter on music, so I look into what type of music a loving person might listen to. There’s some philosophy and application at the same time.”

In the same way that Bell’s Facebook posts were for anyone online, Bell gears his books for nearly any reader.

“My favorite part of the bible is Proverbs so I try to write like that — it’s simple messages about how to live your life,” Bell said. “Anyone can look at that and figure it out, since it’s not full of complex stories and characters.”

Of course, publishing 10 books over two years is no easy feat. Bell explained that thinking about what to write is nearly as taxing as writing itself.

“When I start thinking about something, I’ll think about it 24-7. During the school year, I’d think about writing every day, then I wouldn’t want to write anymore just since I put everything into that book and have nothing else,” Bell said. “I write for fun, but also to get those thoughts on paper.”

Several of Bell’s books are focused on spiritual matters or interpersonal interactions. His books are available online and in print through Amazon.