Lead Building Inspector Bill Athey reported that permits are down by 15 percent from 552 in 2015 to 468 in 2016.

Lead Building Inspector Bill Athey reported that permits are down by 15 percent from 552 in 2015 to 468 in 2016. With this, the year-to-date cost is down as well from $25,771,675 in July 2015 to $15,304,611 this July. These numbers are due to fewer residential builds occurring, as well as the assistant building inspector position being vacant. With this position vacant, many inspections are being done with pictures sent to inspectors, which don't count for the numbers.

Residential units are down from 30 in 2015 to 20 this year. Commercial are up from 29 in 2015 to 39 in 2016.

Police Department

Commissioners approved the hiring of crossing guards to the McPherson Police Department for the 2016-2017 school year. One position is still vacant for First and Elm Street.

Among those hired were:

Linda Rosebrough for Kansas Avenue and Park Street Gaylord Rosebrough for Kansas Avenue and Lakeside Drive Jerry Halbert for Northview Drive and Grimes Street Danny Elder for Earl and Main Streets Phillip Urquiola for Avenue A and Chestnut Street Mary Petersen for Avenue A and Main Street Laverne Weyend for Wickersham and Main Streets Dianne Williams and Mary Jeanette Decker as substitute crossing guards

“The school zoning goes into effect either this afternoon or tomorrow morning — just a reminder to slow down at the school zones. We will be out enforcing the speed limits in those zones staring this week," Chief Robert McClarty said. "We don't want any kids hurt. The open positions that we do not have a school crossing guard at, that position will be unmanned this year until we get additional substitutes and the full-time position filled."

Fire Department

Commissioners approved repairs to the air conditioning unit in the bunkroom for the fire department. Repairs are expected to cost $1,557.93. Commissioners also approved repairs to Conrad Fire Department Ladder 1 for a cost not to exceed $1,405.27.

In addition, commissioners approved the conditional hire of Taylor Werts to the McPherson Fire Department, effective Aug. 15.

Park Department

Commissioners approved the purchase of various supplies for the Public Lands and Facilities Department. Among the supplies approved was the fall flower order for $13,300, and grass seed and sod for the Turkey Creek Golf Course for $14,550.

This past weekend 170 participants took part in the fishing derby, and every participant walked away with a prize. The park department prepared more than 400 hotdogs. This was the largest derby yet.

Public Works

Commissioners approved the re-roofing of one of the street department buildings for a cost not to exceed $25,326. Commissioners also approved the purchase of a 2015 Ford F350 with an asphalt patch box for $56,828.

Commissioners approved the closing of the alleyway behind the Save 'N' Share building located at 209 S. Main St. for painting of the building. The closing will be for four days sometime between Aug. 15 to Sept. 15, though a specific date has not been determined yet.

No progress was made on the Ash Street project last week due to weather.