When Michael Stoudt of Lindsborg passed away, he remembered four McPherson charities.

When Michael Stoudt of Lindsborg passed away, he remembered four McPherson charities.

Mt. Hope Sanctuary, the McPherson County Food Bank, Harmony Christian Church and the Omega project were all named as beneficiaries in Stoudt's will. The four charities will receive a house and two vehicles, as well as cash, to support their programs.

"We as a group, thought this might help show others that this is always an option when making their last will and testament," said Julie Holloway, board secretary, director and staff manager for Mt. Hope Sanctuary. "It helps out the community in general by helping the non-profits."

There are multiple ways people can help charities and nonprofit organizations as part of their last wishes. Terry Bolte, director of the McPherson County Council on Aging, said it's more common for people to designate an organization to benefit from memorial donations. However, leaving belongings to charity in a will is not uncommon.

"We've seen people leave money to churches or groups like the Humane Society," Bolte said.

Cash donations can be easily split between the four charities; however, property like a home or cars must be sold first. Holloway said one of the vehicles, a 2013 Camaro, will be auctioned.

"It'll be a closed bid people submit to an email we've set up solely for this purpose," Holloway said. "We reserve the right to refuse all bids if they come far short of the car's value, but we hope people will remember it's helping a charity, and want to help."

Holloway said the plan is to have the Camaro on display Aug. 25 at a location still to be determined until the bidding closes Sept. 15. Those who wish to submit a bid can do so by emailing 4maccharities@gmail.com.

Holloway said it's the first time Mt. Hope Sanctuary has been a beneficiary in a will.

Those who are interested in leaving belongings to charities can list the organizations in the same way they would list a family member. This should include the organization's name and contact information, as well as specifications on how you would like the organization to use your gift.

For more detailed information, consult a financial planner, the organization in question or the person who assists in preparing your will.