Kathy Liggett is looking for homes for people and pets alike.

Kathy Liggett is looking for homes for people and pets alike.

Liggett, a McPherson resident, is working with former residents of a Mulvane trailer park who received eviction notices after the city cut off water and sewer services in June due to unpaid bills. The park's residents were not responsible for paying these bills directly, and so far, efforts to reinstate services have failed.

Rains on Friday led to flooding in the park, which further complicated efforts to help residents make a new life in a new place, since vehicles and mobile homes were damaged or lost.

"When I heard, I decided to go help the people find places to stay, since I have background in that area," Liggett said. "It was after that I realized that a lot of pets were being affected, too."

The park's residents have until the end of August to leave. Thanks to Liggett and a team of volunteers, many have been able to find new homes, but others are still waiting.

Volunteers and businesses in the Wichita area hosted various fundraisers to help the residents of the park, through the past few weeks.

"After living without water and sewer for the hottest months of the year, they're getting evicted, so it's a hard time for them," Liggett said. "I can be a difficult process finding a new place, especially if you don't know where to start."

Though Liggett and other volunteers have found homes for the people, some of these places do not allow pets. This has left nearly 40 animals without a place to go at the end of the month.

"As we were doing our assessments, it became clear that there were a lot of animals involved," Liggett said. "They're still being cared for, but at the end of the month, they need new homes."

Liggett, who is also the co-founder of Mary Ann Robinson Spay, Neuter and Assistance Program or MARSNAP, said these animals have not been abandoned by their owners, some of which have delayed moving to continue to care for them. Most of these pets are cats, though there are some dogs as well.

"We've talked to the local shelters and they're full, so we're broadening our search for new homes for the pets as well," Liggett said. "Most of the residents have places lined up; we just need some help getting them there."

So far, she and others have placed 20 cats in new homes, but that leaves 10 still in need of a place to stay. She also said there are six small-breed dogs with severe skin, allergy and flea problems to resettle.

Liggett is looking for people who can foster or adopt a displaced pet or make a donation to cover the costs associated with any medical care they might need.

Individuals have donated plenty of food, so Liggett said the main concern is getting them healthy and in a home.

"If people are considering adopting, we could really use the help," she said.

To donate or inquire about adopting or fostering a pet, contact Liggett at 620-245-0763 or marsnap2@gmail.com