Obedience to Authorized Persons Directing Traffic

The loose meaning of this statute is: Drivers must follow directions given by any authority (police or fire) to help traffic flow and safety. Recently, at community charity events some drivers struggled to follow officer’s direction for traffic control. This traffic direction was a means of providing safety to event participants including cyclists, runners, and other pedestrians. Human lives are far more important than a shorter arrival time at your destination.

If you see emergency personnel #MoveOver and look for direction from those outside of emergency vehicles at the scene of any collision, critical incident, or event which may cause traffic congestion. Following the instructions will improve personal safety for you and others, and help you avoid a ticket. In McPherson, failure to obey authoritative direction is a moving violation punishable by a $60 fine and $78 Municipal Court Cost.

On most Tuesdays, the McPherson Police Department addresses a topic dealing with traffic enforcement in the city of McPherson. The Traffic Section of Patrol Bureau organizes “The Traffic Stop”. Is there a topic you would like to see in a future “Traffic Stop”? Send your suggestions to us via private message at McPherson KS Police Department.