Commissioners approved a request from the McPherson Fire Department at the city's regular meeting Monday morning.

Commissioners approved a request from the McPherson Fire Department at the city's regular meeting Monday morning. The request for materials to build a training facility at CHS. This will allow for proper training of fire department personnel. The cost of materials is estimated at $25,000.

The facility is currently being constructed behind NuStar east of the refinery. The fire department is working with public lands and public works as well as CHS for this construction.

This joint facility is unique as it joins two entities public and private. It will include training capabilities for fire suppression, technical rescue and hazmat fully operational by April of next year.

"There is nothing like it," McPherson Fire Department Division Chief TJ Wyssman said. "It will be a countywide asset."

Police Department

Commissioners approved the promotion of Amber Bowlby. Bowlby moved from assistant administrative support supervisor to administrative support supervisor. Subsequently, the assistant position will be reclassified as records management administrative assistant, which will be open for hire.

Cookies with a Cop will be at 4 p.m. Sept. 6 at the McPherson Museum, 1111 E. Kansas Ave. This event is sponsored by the McPherson Convention & Visitors Bureau and hosted by the museum. The public is invited to attend and mingle with law enforcement.

Public Works

A request for street repair was approved. Patching will begin at the intersection of Maxwell and Hawthorn Streets. The cost for the repairs will not exceed $2,725.73.

The Ash Street project has seen some hiccups, as virtually no progress was made due to rain.

Rather, crews have been working on the 2016 KLINK Project, which is a mill and overlay project from Kansas Avenue to just south of Avenue A. The project was expected to be complete by the end of Monday.

"It's always good to see street projects around the city," Street and Utilities Commissioner Larry Wiens said.


Commissioners approved the conditional hire of Brian Doherty from Louisville, Texas to be hired as the assistant building inspector. Doherty has extensive background in this line of work and will start on Sept. 19.

"We've interviewed a number of candidates over the past three weeks," City Administrator Nick Gregory said.

Next Monday's regular meeting will be moved to 8:30 a.m. Sept. 6 in observance of Labor Day.

Commissioners approved a motion to accept the first pay request for the Community Development Block Grant as well as the Civil Rights Housing Policy. The pay request allows staff to request reimbursement from the state that has already been doled out.

Crews have already begun inspections on eight properties and will soon begin the process of requesting bids.

Commissioners approved the placement of temporary signs for the McPherson Festival of Cultures in the rights of way and waive sign permit fees. The signs are 2' by 6' and made of vinyl.

Public Hearing

A public hearing was held to discuss a tax abatement for CertainTeed Corporation. CertainTeed will be constructing an expansion of 40,000 square feet, to support the launching of three new products. McPherson is the only producer of this product line and it expected that sales will increase over the next five years. The expansion is expected to increase capacity by more than 30 percent and increase jobs by 20 percent.

CertainTeed is an injection molding manufacturing plant. They currently operate eight molding machines. The expansion will give them four more.

"This project has been on the list for us for two years," said Plant Manager Janet Lynch. "We've competed with our sister plants in Georgia, North Carolina and Maryland to potentially place the expansion there instead of here."

Commissioners approved Resolution No. 16-14 Making and Finding of Fact for the Tax Abatement. The vote to approve the Tax Incentive Agreement and adoption of Ordinance No. 3223 Exempting Improvements by CertainTeed from Ad Valorem Taxation for a period of 10 years was tabled, only to allow the attorneys for both entities to agree on the verbiage of the agreements. It is unnecessary to hold another hearing. A vote will take place as soon as the agreement has been made.

Sanitary Sewer

Commissioners approved Resolution No. 16-15 Authorizing Issuance of Temporary Notes for the Sanitary Sewer Improvements at Fisher and Elizabeth Streets. Earlier in the year, the commission discussed some sewer improvements necessary to sewage in this area, such as replacement of private sewer lines with a public main. To be able to spread the cost of the project among the residents, temporary notes must be issued. The resolution will allow those notes to be issued. The plan is to issue bonds in August of next year.