The city of McPherson is considering a stormwater utility fee, which may be put in effect as early as Oct. 1.

The stormwater utility fee will appear on monthly Board of Public Utilities bills. Fees collected will be used to address unfunded mandates required by the EPA and infrastructure needs caused by drainage issues.

According Public Works Director Jeff Woodward, City Commissioners are considering a $7 monthly fee for single-family, individual duplex units and individual apartments. Other properties will be charged by the number of Equivalent Residential Units times a monthly charge of $7.

“The stormwater utility fee will generate approximately $866,000 annually,” said Woodward.

He noted while these funds will allow the city to proceed with select drainage projects, an estimated $9.2 million is needed to address all immediate needs.

“And despite our concentrated efforts, these projects will not address every drainage issue in the city,” Woodward added.

Commissioners are tentatively scheduled to vote on the stormwater utility fee at the City Commission meeting on Sept. 6.

Residents are encouraged to learn more at or by calling the Public Works Department at 620-245-2545.