After 45 years at Fidelity State Bank, Leon Flax will be calling it a career on Dec. 30.

Living 100 miles outside of town, Flax moved to Dodge City for college and has been here ever since.

Having been in the banking business for so long, Flax was witness to many changes in the industry.

"One big change was we threw the typewriters out the door," he said. "One the computers came in and everything became privatized, payments we recorded electronically.

"Very few transactions were done with a pen or pencil."

Another change was the face-to-face interaction with customers.

"When direct deposit came around people didn't need to come in and see their banker anymore," Flax said. "Plans were made years in advance when it came to loans and the like so people didn't come in near as often as they used to."

Despite retiring from banking, Flax doesn't see himself not working.

"We have a nice farming and cattle operation that I really enjoy doing so I am going to be working with them more often," he said. "I have no desire to do much traveling but with grand kids involved in sports and athletics I will get to see them more than I used to.

"And I will be stopping by the coffee shop a lot more."