A Moundridge man was accidentally shot in the leg Friday.

A Moundridge man was accidentally shot in the leg Friday while he attempted to help a Hutchinson man maneuver a buffalo into position so it could be shot and butchered in Yoder, the Reno County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook.

The sheriff’s office wrote that deputies and Haven Emergency Medical Service were dispatched at 12:27 p.m. to Yoder Meats for an accidental shooting victim. When they arrived, they found Duane Helms of Moundridge with a bullet wound in his right calf.

Helms had been assisting Justin Roddy of Hutchinson in trying to shoot a buffalo in a trailer. Roddy, an employee of Yoder Meats, was on a ladder with a single-shot .223-caliber rifle. The buffalo kept turning away, so Helms walked up to the tail end of the trailer to try to get it to turn.

When the buffalo did turn, it struck the side of the trailer, jarring the ladder Roddy was on.

Roddy was knocked off balance, and the gun fired, striking Helms in the leg, according to the sheriff’s office.