"We love Lindsborg. We adore Lindsborg."

Women planning a vacation, retreat or getaway with friends may want to consider visiting Lindsborg.

Cosmopolitan magazine recently published an article titled "Where to Vacation With Your BFFs in Every State," a list that included sunny Honolulu, jazzy New Orleans and lit-up Las Vegas. Among these ritzy locations, Lindsborg was also named as the go-to destination in Kansas for women.

"I was really pleased to see that," said Becky Anderson, owner of the Swedish Country Inn. "I was very surprised. I didn't know anything about it until I saw it on Facebook."

The Swedish Country Inn, which was mentioned in the article, offers weekend getaway packages such as the "Flicka Frolic" for groups of women. Not only can the Swedish Country Inn accommodate overnight guests, its lobby serves as a place for book clubs and church groups to gather.

"Lindsborg being in the center of Kansas and the United States, a lot of people choose to all meet here," Anderson said.

Visitors can easily walk from the Swedish Country Inn's downtown location to nearby shops and restaurants — or stay indoors and relax.

"We have a sauna here," Anderson said. "When it's cold outside, it's nice to be in the sauna."

For the past 27 years, the Kansas Women Attorneys Association has held its annual conference in Lindsborg, bringing between 150 and 200 women into the town each July.

"It is charming, of course, and it has great shopping," said KWAA President Gaye Tibbets. "It's kind of midway between Topeka and Wichita. It's close enough that we can go and participate in the conference and far enough that we don't get called back to work."

The KWAA's banquet is held in the J.O. Sundstrom Conference Center.

"Much of the identity of our group and our traditions are intertwined with the city of Lindsborg," Tibbets said. "The community has been just incredibly supportive."

In their free time, members of the KWAA go shopping, visit art galleries and participate in a walk or run down Coronado Heights.

"Bethany College is a lovely place. They've really done a lot to make it inviting," Tibbets said. "We love Lindsborg. We adore Lindsborg."

The conference's attendees take up much of the available hotel space in Lindsborg and make reservations for the next year as the event ends before they head home.

"I believe that a lot of times, our returning visitors speak for themselves," said Holly Lofton, director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau in Lindsborg.

Not all of Lindsborg's visitors stay in hotels, especially those wanting to spend a week or more in the area.

"We have some wonderful vacation rentals," Lofton said. "We've had glampers come and bring their campers."

Glamping, a new word for a new kind of travel, is defined as glamorous camping.

Customized tours of Lindsborg and nearby attractions are offered through the CVB.

"I believe we take advantage of everything in the area," Lofton said. "Our tours increased over 50 percent last year."

Lindsborg offers activities for all ages, from educational opportunities for children to shopping for adults.

"We've noticed a huge upturn in the way our college students come downtown," Lofton said. "I'm impressed with the way our young people are really ramping it up."

Part of that draw may be the fact that many of Lindsborg's downtown businesses are owned by young women.

"We have a lot of young business owners. If you were to walk around downtown, you'd see a lot of them are owned by young women," Lofton noted. "Young people have such a unique vision for things."

The town takes pride in its Swedish heritage, and business owners work hard welcoming tourists and residents alike.

"Lindsborg is a unique little spot in the state. For our size I think we do some amazing things," Lofton said. "I love coming from a community that is a small enough place for a young family to come and live and yet our business community works together to make us a successful community for tourism."

While shops, restaurants and galleries may seem like staples of any vacation destination, there is one thing Lindsborg prides itself on that the big cities can't always claim.

"You're downtown and can just go out and go to the restaurants, go to the Ol' Stuga, go downtown and shop," Anderson said. "Lindsborg is a safe walking community."

To read the entire Cosmopolitan article, visit http://www.cosmopolitan.com.