At Monday’s regular McPherson County Commission meeting, commissioners congratulated Rick Witte, county administrator and financial manager, for receiving an award for his achievements.

The national organization Government of Finance Officers Association awarded Witte a certificate of achievement for exemplary financial reporting for the annual report ending in 2015.

“I think this award says a lot about what he’s capable of,” said Abbey Heidebrecht, recording secretary for the commission. “He’s received this award every year since 1988.”

During the public input session, McPherson County Sheriff Jerry Montagne said that he will attend commission meetings as much as possible to give commissioners updates on the work performed by his office.

Commissioners approved two requests to hire staff. Fern Hess, director of the McPherson County Health Department, was approved to hire a clerk to fill a vacancy, and Laurie Wiziarde, McPherson County Register of Deeds, was approved to hire a temporary employee for a week in February. Suzanne Becker, who worked in the department for some time, will cover the office for a week while the director and deputy attend a conference.

Tom Kramer, director of public works, presented an understanding between the city of McPherson and the county regarding street maintenance. The agreement formalizes current arrangements between the entities for joint projects or borrowing equipment as needed.

“Basically, the agreement says that the county will use specific equipment to assist the city at the county’s discretion if we have the man power and time,” Heidebrecht explained. “They were concerned where priorities and responsibilities were if we were to help each other out if and when it’s needed.”

Kramer was also approved to purchase 500 carsonite flexible posts with reflective material for signage at the cost of $6,440, as well as storage for bulk oil purchases at a cost of $24,079.

Dan Schrag, director of the noxious weed department, was approved to purchase a speed control system for the department’s spray truck at a cost of $3,000. The system will maintain a steady speed during spray operations.