SALINA — The Bethany College women’s basketball team dropped to 7-15, 5-11 in Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference play, with a 66-51 loss to rival Kansas Wesleyan on Saturday.

In the first quarter the Coyotes scored twice to start the game, taking the first lead of the game. The Swedes would then sink a 3-point shot from Samm Ashida, leaving Bethany trailing by just two points. Kansas Wesleyan was able to extend their lead to seven with four minutes left in the quarter. After back and forth play, Bethany’s Dehring Scudder was able to sink a 3-point shot that tied the game at 11. With less than one minute left in the quarter, the Coyotes strung a couple shots together to lead the Swedes by five as the buzzer sounded.

The Swedes scored first in the second quarter, but the Coyotes responded quickly. Bethany was able to keep the pace and slowly chipped away at the KWU lead. However, with five minutes remaining in the first half, Kansas Wesleyan started a rally that took their lead over the Swedes to 14 points. A quick shot from downtown by Ashida cut the Coyotes lead back to 11. Two Swede fouls brought Kansas Wesleyan to the line and they capitalized on both opportunities extending their lead to 13 at the end of the first half.

While Bethany kept going back and forth with Kansas Wesleyan, the Coyotes still pulled ahead. With four minutes left on the clock, two made free throws by Kansas Wesleyan put them ahead by 19 points. A last second shot from Tehya Peters had the Swedes trailing by just 14 as they headed into the fourth quarter.

Bethany started the fourth quarter with a huge 3-point shot made by Samirah Miller. Bethany started an offensive rally headed by an Ashida shot from downtown, followed by another 3-pointer from Miller. However, despite Bethany's late-game rallies, they fell short losing 51-66.

Bethany shot 32.8 percent from the field tonight and posted a free-throw percentage of 46.2 percent. The Swedes were able to post an impressive 30 rebounds as a team with 24 of them being defensive.

Bethany had three players in double-digits; Peters had 18 points, Ashida with 15, and Miller with 10. Kimi Lindshield led the Swede's defense with eight rebounds, while Miller aided the defense with five boards and Peters had four.

The Swedes play the Oklahoma Wesleyan University Eagles on Thursday at 6 p.m. in Hahn Gymnasium.