SALINA — Trenton Pelnar shined at the prestigious Salina Tournament of Champions on Saturday, capturing first place in the 12-and-under, 64 pound division.

He was accompanied by a third-place finish Wayne Hitt at the 14-and-under, 235 pound division. Tucker Pelnar was the final MAC wrestler to place, finishing fifth at the 12-and-under, 76 pound division.

In total, there were approximately 1,100 wrestlers from Kansas and the surrounding states at the Salina Tournament of Champions.

GARDEN PLAIN — Julian Glover led the way at the Garden Plain Open Wrestling Tournament. Glover secured first place in the 10-and-under, 70 pound division.

Maxim Crane and Kynasen Girard both finished second, Crane in the 6-and-under, 49 pound division, and Girard in the 6-and-under, 46 pound division.

Jordyn Hancock was third in the 10-and-under, 95 pound division. Three wrestlers finished in fourth place: Asher Allen (6-and-under, 64 pound division), Keaton Crane (8-and-under, 64 pound division) and Colt Harlin (8-and-under, 67 pound division).

The MAC wrestling club is back in action on Saturday at the Battle of the Belts held at Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane. The tournament draws over 1,000 wrestlers yearly.