Blacksmith Coffee Shop & Roastery's location now matches its name.

The coffee shop in McPherson has moved all its operations to 122 N. Main St. in Lindsborg, the site of the Holmberg and Johnson Blacksmith Shop. The new location is just across the street from its old place, and the shop celebrated the move Saturday after closing for a week to get the new space up to speed.

"We've had the roastery here for a while, so we moved that to the back and created the shop in front," said Molli Esping, shop operator. "When we bought the roastery, we thought it would be too cool to have the shop in an actual blacksmith shop."

Blacksmith Coffee has been slowly transforming the space into a place to serve customers. Esping said the blacksmith shop, built around 1890, is the third building to be built at that location.

"The first two were wood, but they burned down, so I guess they decided it would be best to use brick," she said.

Though the interior has retained some of its blacksmithing features — an anvil near the grinder, for example — the space has been transformed to accommodate tables and a counter. Patrons can expect new menu items as well.

"We're hoping to have new desserts, like cobbler and homemade ice cream," Esping said. "We'll also roll out new lunch and breakfast menus in the future."

Blacksmith Coffee Shop has been in Lindsborg since 2004 and is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays. For more information, call 785-304-2199.

"We're just really excited for this new space, and we hope people will come by to give it a look," Esping said.