The humble waffle is taking over Lindsborg once again. March 25 will mark this year's Våffeldagen, an annual celebration of all things waffle in Lindsborg. The Swedish world literally translates to "waffle day," and is in fact a mispronunciation of the name of a Christian holiday.

"That word sounds a lot like the Swedish word vårfrudagen, which refers to the Annunciation, a Christian holiday marking the nine-month mark before the birth of Jesus," said Holly Lofton, director of Lindsborg's Convention and Visitors Bureau. "Because of misunderstandings and mispronunciations over many hundreds of years, the humble waffle became Sweden's symbol of spring and renewal."

The festival is seven years old this year, and has become a quirky staple of welcoming spring to Lindsborg. The event includes games for people of all ages, all of them waffle-themed.

"Våffeldagen has become one of Lindsborg’s quirky, never-know-who-you’ll-see-in-a-funny-hat days,” said volunteer Kathy Richardson. “People love to be out, eating, chatting and hamming it up."

Waffles will be the food of the day, with the Swedish Country Inn, The Courtyard Cafe, The Swedish Crown, Blacksmith Coffee Shop and Roastery, The White Peacock, and Farley's Bar and Grill serving up waffles and optional trimmings through the morning and afternoon. Scott's Hometown Foods will have waffle treats and a Waffle Person roaming the store, and the Ol Stuga will be pouring waffle shots for those who like their waffles liquid.

Waffle People, individuals of all ages dressed as waffles, will roam the town amid waffle-themed decorations, and there are new attractions planned this year as well.

"There’ll be a new large-scale waffle puzzle on the street for children and adults to manipulate. Also plan to don a waffle costume yourself in a photo booth prepared with props for everyone’s enjoyment," Lofton said. "And who knows what else may be planned? Every Våffeldagen is a little different."

"Feed the Viking" is a new game this year at 118 N. Main St., where players toss plastic waffles into the mouth of a large Viking painted on a board. The kubb tournament will not take place this year.

"All in all, it’s a low-key day of fun and wandering and food for all ages," Lofton said. "It’s a mellow (and unusual) way to welcome spring."

For more information, contact the Lindsborg Convention and Visitors Bureau at 785-227-8687.