The McPherson Chamber of Commerce elected new board members Thursday afternoon at its monthly meeting.

“I am always very excited to work with new board members, but sad to see those that are retiring off the board,” said Jennifer Burch, Executive Director of the McPherson Chamber of Commerce. “Serving on the Chamber Board comes with responsibility. They are making decisions that are beneficial to our members as well as the community.  As a board member, they will not only be representing the business they work or own, but are representing the Chamber of Commerce attending Chamber functions and events.”

In accordance with Chamber bylaws, the new members were first elected by a nomination committee comprised of Adrian Morales, Chet Lang, Brad Bengston, Brad Mears and Katie Sawyer.

They chose to nominate Aaron Mayfield of Edward Jones, Chuck Singleton of Central States Marketing, Kelly Pitts of PrairieLand Partners and Dr. Trent Timson of Community Foot Clinic of McPherson.

The Chamber selects nominees by reviewing the current board composition to ensure the business sector is adequately represented.

“We want to be sure that we have a good, diverse representation of our membership serving on the board, so that every voice is represented,” Burch said.

The candidates had to be members of the Chamber in good standing and have agreed to serving on the board in advance. Other candidates could have been nominated via petition from McPherson Chamber of Commerce members, however none were brought before the Chamber prior to the vote.

The new members will serve three-year terms beginning Sept.1.

“When you bring new people on a board, they have a fresh enthusiasm and ideas.  I also hope that serving on the board they gain a greater appreciation of all that the Chamber does,” Burch said.