ge of Kansas proudly presented the 2017 Servant-Leader Award to Jonathan Kline in honor of his late father, Dr. Bruce E. Kline.

Kline earned an associates degree at Central College of McPherson in 1964. He then moved to Greenville, Illinois and completed his bachelors degrees at Greenville College. In 1968, he began teaching at McPherson High School, McPherson.

He completed a Master of Arts degree in clinical experimental psychology at Wichita State University in 1977, taught psychology at Sterling College in Sterling, and was clinical director of the Mingenback Family Life Center of McPherson.

The family moved to Dayton, Ohio where Kline earned a doctorate degree in clinical psychology at Wright State University School of Professional Psychology in 1982.

In 1983, Kline founded Bruce E. Kline Psy.D. and Associates in Dayton, Ohio and also became the director of psychology at Millcreek State Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Kline was a clinical professor at The School of Professional Psychology, Wright State University and received the Outstanding Alumni Award from the School of Professional Psychology in 2002. He regularly presented papers to The Ohio Association for the Gifted and to The World Conference on Gifted and Talented Children. He was editor of the educational psychology section of The American Psychological Association Dictionary of Psychology in 2007.

Kline was named president of the Wright State University Alumni Association in 2010 and served on the Board of Directors of the Wright State University Foundation.

Kline was a patron of the arts. As a past president and chair of the Dayton Opera Board, Kline played and active and important role in the formation of the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance. He was also an ardent participant in the arts. As a member of the Dayton Opera Chorus for 28 years, he sang in 80 operas with his last performance as recently as February of 2017. Bruce loved music and performed with Leora in many settings. As members of Christ United Methodist Church, they enjoyed participating in the artistic life of the church. From its inception in 1999, Kline served as consultant for the Kline One Foundation giving both time and resources to better the condition of people in need around the world.

Kline died on Aug. 4, 2017 at his home in Kettering, Ohio.

“Central Christian is pleased to present this award to the Kline family on behalf of Bruce E. Kline,” said President Hal Hoxie. “He has made many contributions through teaching and helping others, and he is a true reflection of the heart of excellence that we share with our student’s here at Central.”

The Servant-Leader Award is an annual recognition of one who is an outstanding model of servantship. It is Central Christian College's desire to place before its community a person who, following the example of Jesus Christ, spent his or her life in significant service to the church and society. It is hoped that highlighting the life of such an individual will serve as a model to those young people who attend Central Christian College, so that they will be encouraged to commit their lives to being a servant-leader for others in this world.