Matt 41-13

Gallagher 34-20

We are down to our final five Saturdays of college football, entering Week 9 in the Big 12 Conference. Iowa State’s win over Texas Tech may have been the most prominent in the conference, as it boosted the Cyclones into the AP Top 25 and gave them control of their own destiny in the Big 12. The two Oklahoma schools survived on the road in hostile territory, while winless Baylor came up two points short against No. 22 West Virginia. There’s also what TCU did to Kansas, but there’s no need to revisit that travesty. Matt has opened up a seven-game lead over Gallagher, going 4-1 last week, missing only on Iowa State’s convincing win at Texas Tech. Gallagher went 3-2, also missing on ISU over Texas Tech, while prematurely calling Baylor’s upset of West Virginia. Matt now has an ego the size of his lead, so he got a little interesting with his picks this week. We’ll see how that works for him.

Texas at Baylor

Gallagher- Baylor is going to get a win in Big 12 play (I think). Whether it comes against Kansas or it’s an upset along the way, the Bears have competed well against some of the best teams in the conference. Texas has a really good defense, but one of the conference’s worst offenses. I’m going to pick Baylor again because life is short and why not? 27-24 Baylor

Matt- Baylor is scary in that they have played well in losing. Texas has played as well in both winning and losing. With a seven game lead it’s time to take some risks to give Gallagher a chance. 35-31 Baylor

Kansas State at Kansas

Gallagher- The Sunflower Showdown is usually more fun to watch in basketball, which will probably be true again this year. K-State has a lot of frustration they’re about to let out on Kansas. 44-17 KSU

Matt- Wow...the Sunflower Showdown being played for the 106th consecutive time dating back to 1911. Easy pick here though, K-State hasn’t exactly been stellar. 28-24 K-State

Texas Tech at No. 10 Oklahoma

Gallagher- Vegas has Oklahoma as a 20-point favorite, but I think this game will be much closer. After a brief stint in the top-25, Tech has fallen back under the radar where they are most dangerous. I’m not predicting a repeat of Tech’s 2011 upset of OU in Norman, but 20 points seems like a bit much for an OU team that has surprisingly struggled in conference play. 45-35 OU

Matt- Texas Tech has nothing to lose in this one so they’ll play free and easy. Another give Gallagher a chance pick. 55-52 Texas Tech

No. 11 Oklahoma State at No. 22 West Virginia

Gallagher- Two of the top five total offenses in the country square off in Morgantown this Saturday. West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen always goes all out against his former team, so it should be another stressful week for Oklahoma State fans. 44-38 OSU

Matt- I like Oklahoma State to win the Big 12 but another nothing to lose game here, this time for the Mountaineers. 49-45 WVU

No. 4 TCU at No. 25 Iowa State

Gallagher- TCU better jump out quickly on Iowa State because they do not want to let the crowd stay in this game. The Iowa State faithful will be ecstatic for this game, and everyone in the Big 12 knows how tough it is to win in Ames, Iowa. It gets even harder when Iowa State is good for a change. However, Iowa State should have TCU’s full attention, so that’s why I’ll take the Frogs. 33-24 TCU

Matt- Iowa State is for real but so is TCU. Upset or no upset pick...that is the question. Ahhhh, why not? 58-35 Iowa State.

No. 2 Penn State at No. 6 Ohio State

Gallagher- My gut says Penn State but my head says Ohio State. Choosing your head over your gut might be bad life advice, but it’s why I’m taking Ohio State at home, in a revenge game from last year. 24-21 Ohio State

Matt- Penn State is undefeated but are they for real. We’ll find out Saturday. I say yes. 34-31 Penn State.