Helping trees look their best and perform their best is a main goal of the McPherson K-State Research and Extension.

"The city of McPherson has a great partnership with Kansas Forestry Service along with K-State Research and Extension and can use this partnership to help better the city in terms of trees and maintenance of trees," said Shad Marston, extension agent at K-State Research & Extension in McPherson.

The city of McPherson is part of Tree City USA, a program facilitated by the Arbor Day Foundation focused on increasing the number of public trees.

"We have standards for tree care that are met on an annual basis. By providing an education workshop like this, we help to foster the goals of Tree City, USA program in promoting the care of trees," said Kody Kraemer, McPherson Cemetery Sexton and City Forester.

The tree pruning workshop is from 1 to 3:30 p.m. Nov. 9 at the McPherson County Extension Office, 600 W. Woodside.

Tim McDonnell, a community Forestry Coordinator from the Kansas Forest Service along with Kraemer will explain and demonstrate proper techniques of tree pruning.

This workshop will bring a wide range of information for the community from how to reduce costs for energy, stormwater management and erosion control along with cutting energy consumption up to 25 percent and boosting property values across the community.

Along with the presentations, the main goal of the workshop is to educate homeowners, tree care companies, city staff, groundkeepers and the general public.

"We will try to emphasize that proper tree pruning is based on science. Poor pruning practices can damage trees, so knowing what not to do will be discussed. From the new homeowner who has never pruned a tree, to the full time arborists, hopefully everyone will come away with useful information," Kraemer said.

Tree pruning is an essential part to keeping your trees happy and healthy. Not pruning them could lead to damage to home property, vehicles, electric lines and fences.

"Learning to take care of the trees that we have in our city will aid in the benefits trees give us and ensure that we have them in the future, trees give us shade and keep us cool, they slow down the wind and hold the soil in place, they beautify our surroundings and provides homes for wildlife and furnishes building materials for us," Marston said.

"We would like to promote the proper way to prune trees in order to help the trees in our community look their best, live longer and be less susceptible to storm damage and diseases in the future," Kraemer explained.

For more information, contact The McPherson K-State Research and Extension office at 620-241-1523 or visit their website at

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