Remember those great Christmas dinners at Grandma’s when the table was laden with delicious old favorite foods?

The new “Swiss Volhynian Favorite Recipes,” will demonstrate how to have those on your holiday table.

The book has 23 favorites, plus two attached DVDs of expert cooks demonstrating how to make bohna beroggi, cheese and kraut beroggi, poppy seed rolls and kurivi (traditional “wedding cake”—frosted sweet bread with corn candy on top).

Jeanette Krehbiel Wedel, previously owner of the Mixing Bowl Bakery in Hesston, has developed the best Swiss Volhynian recipes you find in this favorite recipes book. Krehbiel can supply most any baked goods, but is known for her spectacular kurivi.

The Swiss Mennonite Cultural and Historical Association sponsored the sharing of ethnic recipes.

Cost is $20 and $5 for mailing. Contact Kathy Goering at 620-345-8532 or; or Jeanette Wedel at 620-217-2445 or to order.