For Gina Venable, a love of jewelry has made her longtime dream of owning her own store a reality.

Today, she co-owns Venable Jewelers, located at 214 N. Main St. in McPherson, with her husband and daughter, and also serves as the gemologist.

In the beginning, the whole family worked in the shop, but now, Venable works with her closest friends.

"Because it’s a business that takes a lot of trust, you have to have people that you can trust and customer support is so important. I hire people that I'm close to because I know they'll take care of the store as well as I do when I'm gone," Venable explained. "It's wonderful, we all get along great and it makes for a fun atmosphere to work in. They work very hard for me."

Along with their store, the Venable felt it was important to create a blog and share jewelry-related stories that touch the heart, which in return brings a lot of traffic to their website and social media page.

"We start the story on Facebook and they continue to read the rest of the story on the blog, and it's always a jewelry related story," she said.

Not only does Venables offer a unique website and social media interactiontion, they offer services such as in-house jewelry repairs, two bench jewelers, an on hand master jeweler, appraisals, a laser welder, ring sauntering and ear piercings. Another service offered at Venables is designing custom engagement rings with a computer system.

Before opening the store, Venable worked for Renberger Jewelers in McPherson for 20 years where she took her knowledge and expertise to continue her passion for jewelry.

She was blessed with her father’s love for jewelry and now is carrying on the tradition in her store.

“I used to put jewelry on layaway in high school and my dad always loved buying it for my mom,” she said.

She then furthered her passion for jewelry to new heights when she attended the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California.

“That’s where I had my schooling, although schooling is not required as of yet, eventually I’m sure with all the synthetics and stimulants, you have to have some kind of education if you’re doing appraisals,” she explained.

Although they may offer great services, they also offer every type of jewelry imaginable.

"We have costume jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, designer jewelry, engagement rings, pretty much everything in every price range possible," she said.

Aside from all the diamonds and shiny jewelry the store offers, there’s one thing the store has that really shines — Jewel the store’s resident rabbit.

As animal lovers, the Venables found it suiting to rescue Jewel from Texas in June and made her part of the family, and the store.

Jewel is a valuable asset to the store, not only is she the unofficial store mascot, she helps little girls as they get their ears pierced.

"It gives them something to focus on instead of getting their ears pierced because it can be stressful, especially for younger children," Venable explained.

Venable wraps Jewel up in a blanket to sit on the child's lap to hold during the procedure.

"It makes them very happy and its a story they'll never forget, she lets anybody and everybody hold her, she’s very social," she said.

For more information, contact Venable Jewelers at 620-241-5693 or visit their website at or visit their Facebook page, Venable Jewelers.

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