The Eisenhower Elementary School Redesign Team met on Nov. 2. They combined the research of three research teams: Experience, Explore and Serve. The group talked through each team’s main ideas, which consisted primarily of ideas from community/staff/parents, and the research that was brought forward to support these ideas and how they could best be implemented.

The team considered the list and chose two ideas to implement on a trial basis beginning in December.

First, Morning Meetings: Much research shows that morning meeting is a wonderful way to help students feel connected to each other and the staff, get ready to learn and enjoy shared experiences as a school community in a meaningful way, within the comfort of a predictable routine.

Second, Long-Term Projects: Long-term projects are one of the requirements set forth by the KSDE. With professional development on this topic occurring at our next staff meeting; it will be an excellent time for each staff member, in a developmentally appropriate manner, to incorporate a long-term project.

The team is also looking for a valid, meaningful measurement tool for social-emotional well-being and growth.

In addition, the team is also looking to change the structure of lunch and recess during the second semester.