A new program has recently been implemented at The Cedars in McPherson and will allow staff to work one-on-one with patients suffering from dementia or Alzheimers in a calmer matter.

This program, behavior-based ergonomics therapies or BBET, was created by Dr. Govind Bharwni and focuses on relieving stress in patient interactions without using medication to sedate patients in an outburst.

"We're always looking for ways to train and aid our staff on how to better handle situations in any type of health care. With this new special care unit that's primarily concerned with dementia and Alzheimers, this will better educate (staff) in ways of handling and taking care of those folks," said Bob Baldwin, vice president of marketing at The Cedars.

The Cedars received funds from an anonymous donor to assist in training and educating staff in this program.

Next week, Bharwni's staff will train The Cedars staff in a week-long training session, with Bharwni joining them on Dec. 21.

Bharwni will present his program to the public at 6 p.m. on Dec. 21 at The Cedar's Wellness and Conference Center.

"He will be outlining what the program is and how he came about it and he will talk to the families about recognizing some of the symptoms and what they can do. He will even offer sessions and programs here that will help train families and how to recognize stress points," Baldwin added.

Baldwin is excited to implement this program and is hopeful for positive outcomes in the new facility.

"I have a mother-in-law who deals with (Alzheimer’s disease) so I can see a lot of things that would really help aid residents. That's our primary concern — that they have a less stressful time in their stay here," Baldwin said. "Its exciting what they're doing without using medication and we're always looking for something like that. If it increases mood and behaviors and the number of episodes are decreased — its a plus, plus, plus all around."

For more information, call 620-241-0919 or visit their website at https://thecedars.org.

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