The Walk of Honor began as not only a fundraiser for the parking lot of the McPherson American Legion, but was also a way to remember veterans.

Since April 2015, the McPherson American Legion Post 24 has sold over 900 pavers for their Walk of Honor in remembrance of those who served our country.

A groundbreaking was held in February 2015 and the brick walkway soon began its journey on the north and south sides of the Post, located at 401 N. Main St. in McPherson.

"It was a simple concept to honor our veterans and other people. We had a lot of great success with it in the first year," said Jim LaDuke, chairman of the Walk of Honor committee.

LaDuke noted there are roughly 400 pavers left to fill and once spots are filled, pavers will no longer be available to purchase.

“There are a lot of veterans in McPherson that are still living that need to have their name in the Walk of Honor,” he said. “We initially thought we would sell out both sides in the first year, but now we’re pushing to fill in the north side.”

LaDuke is proud of where the sidewalk has come since 2015, as veterans are an essential part to ensure safety and freedom in our country.

“It’s just overall a nice way to remember veterans who have given us freedom — who knows what kind of environment we would be in today without them,” LaDuke said.

Paver sizes include two options of a 4x8 inch paver that costs $60 or an 8x8 inch paver that costs $120.

When purchasing a paver for a veteran, buyers may choose anything to enscribe on the paver. Committee members look over each paver before they are placed.

"One of the things a lot of people want to do is put the branch of service emblem on them," LaDuke said.

For $10 extra, purchasers can add an emblem to the paver, including the emblems of the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard, along with POW and MIA are available for an additional charge.

For more information call LaDuke at 620-241-8600 or call Dan Hurvey at 242-8744 or call the legion at 620-241-0343 or visit their Facebook page.

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