The McPherson City Commission met Monday for their regular meeting, and here’s what you need to know:

1. Commissioners approved payment not to exceed $9,610.92 to the Board Of Public Utilities for set-up fees for Storm Water Utilities billing and collection fees, as well as informational inserts.

To implement the Storm Water Utility, the city had to have a way to collect the fees. BPU collects sewer fees along with water, electric and trash services, so it made sense to add stormwater fees to the utility bill. To accomplish that task, there was a great deal of work that had to go into the billing software including some computer programming. This work was completed at the end of 2016 to be billed in 2017.

2. Commissioners awarded demolition bids to Logan Muhs of Dossett Farms for demolishing two properties for a total amount not to exceed $8,700 for the Phase 2 Demolitions of the 2016 CDBG Housing Grant.

The city of McPherson accepted two bids each for demolitions at 800 W. Marlin Street and 519 N. Carrie Street. The low bid for both demolitions was Logan Muhs of Dossett Farms, at $5,000 for 800 W. Marlin and $3,700 for 519 N. Carrie.

3. Commissioners voted to write off unpaid utility expenses from 2016 and before, in the amount of $8,405.02 for sanitary sewer, trash, and stormwater combined. The McPherson Board of Public Utilities requested that the commission write off uncollectible utility bills after sending to the State Setoff and to the collection company. For all accounts being written off, there have not been any communication between the collection company for over one year.

The total to be written off for each utility are $4,614.45 for sanitary sewer, $3,607.86 for trash, and $182.71 for stormwater, totaling $8,405.02.

4. Commissioners voted to approve the purchase of a Watch Guard Mobile Video Camera for a cost not to exceed $5,145 for the McPherson Police Department. This camera is a budgeted expense to maintain the patrol fleet with functional Mobile Video Camera Systems.

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