This isn't the first time Peyton Bonham has baked over 158 batches of cookies. The 9-year-old at Eisenhower Elementary School has baked cookies for various causes and has raised money for two years now.

This year, Peyton helped a family in McPherson, the Schroeders.

The Schroeders lost their son Kaiden earlier this month to a rare form of Leukemia.

Peyton didn't know Kaiden personally, but knew she wanted to help his family in some small way. That small effort soon turned into a much bigger gift.

Peyton raised over $2,500 for the Schroder family by baking and selling 1,884 individual chocolate chip cookies with the help of some friends. Peyton used 36 eggs, 54 cups of flour and 18 bags of chocolate chips.

"If I was sick and had cancer, I would want someone to do it for me — so I decided to do it for him," Peyton said.

Peyton began to tell everyone she knew about selling cookies and her mother, Jennifer Bonham, shared the information with a wider community on Facebook. Peyton and her sister Kennedy then started baking.

"We baked 109 dozen ourselves. Then other girls saw we were doing it and the first one to help was Savannah Souder, she made 10 dozen. Then another friend, Emme Wince, made 19 dozen and Madi Snyder made 39 dozen," Bonham said. "It was a group effort that was bigger than our oven. It just goes to show the support of the community and they rally behind Kaiden and the continued support.”

In addition to this year’s contribution to the Schroeder family, Peyton baked 72 dozen cookies to supply a mile of fence for ranchers affected by wildfires in western Kansas last year.

Though the cause hasn’t been decided yet, Peyton plants to continue her cookie projects next year.

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