After only a year in business, one McPherson auto shop is ranked as the top shop in a three-state region.

Jeff Reitz and JAR Performance Automotive in McPherson was selected as NAPA Kansas City’s 2018 AutoCare Center of the Year.

“To be named the top shop in a four-state region is a huge honor,” Reitz said. “To put it into perspective, in addition to this AutoCare center, there’s three other AutoCare centers in McPherson County. Hutchinson has several, Wichita, they’re all over.”

Across the nation, there’s 12 distribution centers and each one chooses the AutoCare center of the year.

“What it comes down to is that we’re a reputable shop that NAPA has recognized as one of the top, up-and-coming shops for the year,” Reitz explained.

The NAPA Distribution Center services NAPA Stores throughout Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Steve Kaunley, Director of NAPA AutoCare & Manger Accounts at NAPA Kansas City, explained in a press release that JAR Performance Automotive stood out among a number of qualified submissions.

“JAR Performance’s qualifications are stellar for this industry. As a repair facility, they are committed to education and supporting their community. They are highly educated and very experienced in the automotive repair industry. JAR Performance is the type of automotive shop that NAPA Auto Parts looks for to represent the NAPA AutoCare Center brand, as they are great ambassadors for the trade and industry,” Kaunley wrote.

Reitz has found that partaking in NAPA services has improved the young business and service for customers.

“From speaking with the representatives in Kansas City, one of the main things that caught their attention is that we’re utilizing as many as possible of the programs they offer. Using their website design company, finance company, and their pro-image program where we painted the whole building and did NAPA branding on the new signage,” Reitz said.

JAR Performance Automotive started in November 2016 at 121 E. Sutherland St., but the business grew out of the closing of John’s Motor Service at that location, which operated for 35 years.

“It blew me away that they would even consider us for this nomination, considering that although this business has been here for 35 years, we’ve only been in business for just over a year now. To be recognized in our first year is pretty incredible,” Reitz said. “One of the main things that caught their attention was not only the integrity of the shop and the way we handle business, but taking advantage of the training programs and certifications they offer that help us to succeed and be a better business for our customers.”

Though still a young business, Reitz and his employees are proud to offer

“We can offer the financing programs that we can because we partake in that as much as possible. I feel like a lot of other AutoCare centers pick and choose certain programs and we jumped in feet first and went all in. That’s really paid off,” Reitz said. “We always want to tell people about our warranty because NAPA backs us with the best warranty in the business, which is a 24-month, 24,000 mile warranty which is on both parts and labor. And customers using the easy-pay card we have, they get an extra year on that warranty and none of that would be possible without NAPA. It’s programs like that that we’re able to offer our customers that help us shine and stand out so NAPA recognizes us.”

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