On Wednesday night, my wife and I received a truly unexpected and wonderful gift. A knock at the door signaled the arrival of a small, unassuming gift bag on our doorstep, with no giver in sight. We assumed it to be a small token from our friends at church, but were surprised to find it contained a large mason jar with a sizable amount of change, as well as a copy of the book “Christmas Jars” by Jason F. Wright.

Published in 2005, the book launched a tradition where people collect change in a jar for a year and then select a person in their lives who could use some help around the holidays.

We don’t know who you are, anonymous gift-giver, but we want to thank you for your generosity this holiday season. Of course, in keeping with the “Christmas Jar” tradition, we will now have the pleasure of surprising someone else next year with a gift of our own!

Josh and Britny Arnett are McPherson residents.