The nationwide opioid crisis hits home to one McPherson resident. Temore Terry has taken his passion and fight against the crisis and has brought Total Body Solutions, or TBS Medical, to McPherson.

"A few years ago, one of my best friends from college died from opioids and alcohol and I've known a couple of people that it has affected their lives. I've seen it from that side closer than I want to be," Terry noted. "I had a couple of friends introduce me to the business and they knew I understood distribution and we started talking and researching for two-and-a-half years, and it just made sense to do it now."

An entrepreneur at heart, Terry has demonstrated business success. The McPherson location at 803 Wilderness Drive is his second branch location.

TBS Medical began in Nashville, Tennessee in 2014 and entrepreneurs have opened additional locations around the nation in the fight against opioid addiction.

Terry and his uncle Dale Terry are partnering to assist those in the medical field by providing safer options to their patients before prescribing opioids.

"We partner with physicians and medical professionals to help them prescribe our products to patients. All of our products are by prescription, which means we don't sell retail. We partner with these people to give them the products but without having to take on any of the workload. So we handle all of the verifications and the billing," Terry said.

Another area that Terry and his uncle are focusing on is raising awareness to the community about the crisis in general.

"We set up our presentation in businesses and we talk with employers and employees so they understand the crisis, what they can look for and help fight against the crisis and what other options are out there," Terry said. "You can't fix a problem until everyone's aware there's a problem, we're making them aware of the crisis."

For more information visit their website at or visit their Facebook page: tbsmedical.

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