Getting into exercising isn't always easy with today’s hectic lifestyles, but Walk Kansas could provide a solution.

"Its not a competition, there are no winners or losers. The goal is for those who aren't exercising on a regular basis to get started with a team format," said Jana McKinney, family and consumer science agent at the McPherson County K-State Research & Extension office.

Teams consist of six or more members with one captain. Teams have three challenges to participate in over the course of eight weeks.

"Each person reaches the minimum goal for physical activity, which is 150 minutes per week. Collectively, the team would walk 423 miles, the distance to walk across the state. Challenge two is a winding trail from Troy to Elkhart, requiring each person to log four hours per week, traveling 763 miles total. The third challenge is to walk the perimeter of Kansas or 1,200 miles and each person logs six hours per week," McKinney explained.

Each week, team members record their mileage on the Walk Kansas website and can see how far they have journeyed across Kansas.

"They also have stops along the way and can learn about what city they're in," McKinney added.

Ten consecutive minutes or more of exercise that elevates your heart rate will count toward mileage.

This year, McKinney is looking for volunteers to give their input on fun activities to include for the walk, such as a poker walk or run to keep the energy and enthusiasm up.

"I think a poker walk or run would really be a lot of fun to get people to exercise together. They could get a card for every lap they walk and so on," McKinney noted. "I just want to find ways that help them get excited about exercising because its not typically high on people's lists — we all know we need to do it and this can make it fun along the way."

Volunteers can meet with McKinney to discuss race planning at noon on Jan. 10 with a light lunch provided at the K-State Research & Extension office, located at 600 W. Woodside St. in McPherson.

Registration will open in February and is $8 for the team and captains are free. Participants can sign up once the website is active at or you can stop by the extension office and fill out a registration form.

For more information call 620-241-1523 or visit their website at or visit their Facebook page.

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