In 1988, Priscilla Smith wanted to focus on helping brides — McPherson lacked places where newlyweds could register for homegoods. That year, The Cook's Nook was born.

"It makes it nice for brides to come in and make a list that people can come shop from and then we deliver the gift to the wedding — it makes it easier for both the bride and the guest," said Jonna Smith, manager of The Cook's Nook and Pricilla Smith’s daughter.

The first location was small in size, but the business has since grown and is now located at 219 N. Main St. in McPherson. The store offers a variety of kitchen appliances, gourmet foods and coffee.

"We buy our coffee from different roasters and one of them is a local, Java Johns, and a lot of them we'll find at markets when we go to Dallas or Chicago. Sometimes people will contact me or we'll find them on our own too," Smith explained.

Smith values her top-quality service team and each promises that if they don't have something in the store, they'll try to find it. The team of five has stuck together over the years and has gained knowledge about the cooking industry.

"All five of us have been here so many years. Between all of us, I think the knowledge of the cooking gadgets or knowing how to do something, we can offer great customer service to the customers," Smith said.

For Christmas and wedding gifts, Smith focuses on preparing her customers with their ready-to-go gift.

"We're big on free gift wrapping. A lot of people like that, and with weddings, it’s nice to just be able to come and pick out a gift and leave with it ready for wherever it needs to go," she said.

Other than providing any kitchen appliance imaginable, the store also offers cooking classes.

"People are interested in how to make a lot of different things or sometimes its just an entertainment thing," Smith said.

The store has its own kitchen and is able to teach attendees new cooking styles.

"Usually in the spring and fall, we'll have different experts teach different things in cooking. We had a lady in Topeka who does pressure cooking in Instapots and she has all kinds of recipes to help people feel comfortable cooking in a pressure cooker," Smith explained. "Sometimes its seasonal, we have a lady coming at the end of January who does appetizers for the Super Bowl. We've had an Easter brunch and we've also had cake and cookie decorating in the past."

Smith and her team stay up-to-date on the latest kitchen appliances as they offer something new to customers every time they come into the store.

"There's a big Chicago housewares market every year that all the vendors are at, we do attend that usually about every other year to find out what new products are out there. We do a couple of gift markets and we have some good sales representatives keep us updated on what new gadgets are out there," Smith explained.

For more information call 620-241-7180 or visit their website at

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