Gallagher 14-11

Matt 11-14

College football is at its best this weekend. Friday through Monday the best teams in the nation will square off in bowl games and the College Football Playoffs. With 14 games Friday through Monday, there’s no shortage of entertaining college football to ring in the new year. Gallagher went 9-2 last week to take a three-game lead, but there are still plenty of chances for Matt to win bowl mania.

Belk Bowl

Texas A&M (7-5) vs Wake Forest (7-5)

Gallagher- I know the Aggies are playing with an interim head coach and the Belk Bowl is basically in Wake Forest’s backyard. But there’s no doubt which team has more talent, so I’ll pick Texas A&M. 34-24 TAMU

Matt- I am an ACC fan but doubtful Wake hangs with the Aggies. 35-21 TAMU

Sun Bowl

Arizona State (7-5) vs NC State (8-4)

Gallagher- I’ve seen NC State play a few times this year, and I’ve been very impressed with the Wolfpack. I’ll take them over an Arizona State team also playing with an interim head coach. 34-27 NC State

Matt- “You play to win the game!” Oh wait, that is next year. 24-17 NC State

Music City Bowl

Kentucky (7-5) vs Northwestern (9-3)

Gallagher- This might be the safest pick of bowl season; Northwestern rolls. 37-20 NU

Matt- Safe pick? Hmmmm...I will go out on the SEC limb and pick the Wildcats. 34-31 Kentucky

Arizona Bowl

New Mexico State (6-6) vs Utah State (6-6)

Gallagher- The Mountain West is a tougher conference than the Sun Belt, so I’m going with Utah State. 27-17 USU

Matt- Wow, is this the who cares bowl? 38-37 NMSU

Cotton Bowl

Ohio State (11-2) vs USC (11-2)

Gallagher- Last time Ohio State played at AT&T Stadium, they won the 2014 national championship. There will be a lot of NFL talent on both sides, but I think the Buckeyes are the better team. 38-30 OSU

Matt- Tough game to pick. I think Ohio State should win but I am not an Urban Meyer or Buckeye fan. 42-35 USC

Taxslayer Bowl

Louisville (8-4) vs Mississippi State (8-4)

Gallagher- Hard to go against a team led by Lamar Jackson. 31-23 UL

Matt- Mississippi State lost their Head Coach. I think they also lose this game. 29-20 UL

Liberty Bowl

Iowa State (7-5) vs Memphis (10-2)

Gallagher- This game is being played In Memphis, which gives the Tigers an advantage right off the bat. Maybe I’m putting too much faith in the Big 12, but I like Iowa State to pull off the “upset” over a ranked Memphis team. 41-34 ISU

Matt- Memphis at home is the only reason for this pick. 48-42 Memphis

Fiesta Bowl

Penn State (10-2) vs Washington (10-2)

Gallagher- Both teams have great quarterbacks, but I’m taking Washington in this one because of the defense. 27-24 Huskies

Matt- Love both teams, Head Coaches, and programs. 33-31 Penn State.

Orange Bowl

Miami (10-2) vs Wisconsin (12-1)

Gallagher- Miami has the turnover chain, but Wisconsin has the top-ranked defense in the country. Hard to pick against that. 24-17 Wisconsin

Matt- Miami struggled down the stretch. Badgers want #13. 20-17 Wisconsin

Outback Bowl

Michigan (8-4) vs South Carolina (8-4)

Gallagher- Michigan seems like the safe pick. I don’t think South Carolina’s offense will be able to score enough points against the Michigan defense to have a chance. 27-10 Michigan

Matt- Love Harbaugh, dislike Muschamp. Go Big Blue. 35-20 Michigan

Peach Bowl

Auburn (10-3) vs Central Florida (12-0)

Gallagher- I really want to take Central Florida, but Auburn might be the best team in the SEC. Central Florida’s offense against Auburn’s defense should be a fun matchup, but I think the Tigers win this one. 34-24 Auburn

Matt- Tigers will feel a let down after not winning SEC title while UCF is playing for perfection. 47-39 UCF

Citrus Bowl

Notre Dame (9-3) vs LSU (9-3)

Gallagher- This one seems like a toss up to me. Both teams are battle tested, but LSU has better wins. 27-23 LSU

Matt- Geaux Tigers. But Notre Dame is a better team. 36-28 Irish

Rose Bowl Semifinal

Oklahoma (12-1) vs Georgia (12-1)

Gallagher- Georgia’s got a great defense, but they haven’t seen an offense like Oklahoma. The Sooners also have Baker Mayfield. 33-29 OU

Matt- The Dawg days of winter will descend upon the Sooners. Heisman trophy winners usually struggle in bowl games. 27-17 Georgia

Sugar Bowl Semifinal

Clemson (12-1) vs Alabama (11-1)

Gallagher- With all due respect to Oklahoma and Georgia, this is the national championship right here. I really, really want to take Clemson, but my gut says Alabama. This should be an incredible college football game. 34-28 Bama

Matt- Bama won’t fail to take advantage of backing into the playoffs. 38-35 Alabama

National Championship

Gallagher- I’m predicting Oklahoma and Alabama for the national championship. I’ve never wanted to be wrong more than right now, but I think the Sooners win it all. Baker Mayfield is on a different level than everyone else. 30-27 OU

Matt- Kirby Smart knows Alabama better than they know him. Georgia will shut down the Bama defense and win it all. 24-13 Dawgs