McPherson Concrete Products has been in business since 1911 and has no plans of slowing down.

The company produces pre-cast structures and ready-mix concrete, and serves as the parent company to McPherson Concrete Storage Systems Inc. and sister company Wichita Concrete Pipe Inc., which produces custom-built storage and concrete pipes, respectively.

The business is currently located at 116 N. Augustus St. in McPherson, but plans for an expansion for McPherson Concrete Storage Systems Inc., which will provide space to bring all three companies under one roof.

"There's more to McPherson Concrete than just the ready-mix," said Wade Wentling, president of McPherson Concrete Storage Systems Inc. “The beautiful thing I can say about McPherson Concrete Products is we have the support of the community and the city of McPherson has agreed to help us achieve our goals in expansion."

The new expansion will serve as a sort of headquarters to all three sister companies, with the safety discipline, accounting, administration and engineering teams located in McPherson. The space, located at 300 N. 81 Highway Bypass in McPherson, will include 12,000 square feet of warehouse space, 8,700 square feet of fabrication space, and 7,400 square feet of office space and will hopefully be finished next month.

The old McPherson Concrete Product building will be sold, leased or rented and office members will move into the new headquarters.

McPherson Concrete Storage Systems Inc. provides largely for the grain storage industry. Facilities can be up to 84 feet wide and hold nearly 5,000 bushels per vertical foot.

"We mostly build commercially throughout the midwest. There's an additional need for grain storage as you drive through the country side, you see a lot of grain on the ground. We've had a real up-pick in business, so that means to service our market, we've had to expand our offerings," Wentling explained.

Products from McPherson Concrete Storage Systems Inc. can be found across the U.S., from Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and even Texas. The goal of McPherson Concrete Storage Systems Inc. is to provide quality grain storage facilities along with being able to move grain out of storage as quickly as possible.

"Traditionally who we build for are grain cooperatives, theres antiquated facilities that were erected back in the 1950s and 1960s that have outlived their useful lives. Today's market environment is to move grain in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible, and some of those tank slip houses weren't designed for today's need. We have to store more grain, and need to load and unload it quicker," Wentling added.

To stand out amongst other competitors, McPherson Concrete Storage Systems Inc. uses a diamond shape at the top of their structures to set their product apart.

"Several years ago, we created a signature, if you will, to separate us from others. It started back with stave silos and we originally were in the stave silo business for farming interests. Of course that was quite a few years ago as we've expanded our product lines and have done things differently," Wentling noted.

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