For 45 years, Dean Dent has been making quality work out of wood — from china huts, step stools and anything you can think of, he can make it. Now, that experience has become his new business in McPherson, D & D Custom Bunkbeds.

"I can make anything a person wants if I have a plan or something to go off of," Dent said.

What started as learning from his father, Dent has grown into a successful handyman, now has his own woodworking business.

"My dad showed me the basics about how to read tape measures, how to use hand tools and then I learned on my own and refined all my skills," Dent added. "Its something to keep me busy, I always enjoyed it and now I have more time to do it."

Now retired and taking care of his disabled wife from home, Dent spends his time adapting his bunkbed-making skills into building any kind of bed a customer would want.

"You can have a tall loft bed, a short loft bed, a tall loft bed with a desk, a twin bed and I can also make a trundle bed with a roll away mattress that slides underneath the bottom," he said.

Dent said with the quality of wood he uses and time put into his beds, there isn't anything that beats a handmade bed.

"They're made locally right here in my shop in McPherson. You see some of the bunkbeds made out of metal that you can get for $150 — that's exactly what you get is a $150 bunkbed," he said.

The beds can take up to a week to perfect, including time to gather materials and make finishing touches.

"It will take me about four to five days by the time I get the materials and get home then get it cut out and start assembling. Then depending on the finish if the customer wants it stained or painted, that will add another day," Dent said.

When all is said and done, Dent said his favorite part is making the final touches.

"Figuring out how to cut it an assemble it is also something I like. But my favorite part is finishing with the finish paint," he said.

Dent’s bunkbeds can be purchased online through 1800BunkBeds. For more information, call Dent at 620-245-5605 or 1-800-bunkbed, email him at or visit

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