Reach Solutions Inc. in McPherson thrives on the success of others, and for the past six years, and has filled a common need for technology support.

"We have a really strong client base and a lot of great customers on our list. We provide 24/7 support for anything related to technology infrastructure you can think of," said Shannon Wilson, president and CEO of Reach Solutions.

Reach Solutions Inc. is a managed IT service provider that focuses on helping businesses that can't afford to hire a full time technology manager, or don’t have the time to focus on all technology.

"We sell that role or gap and really become part of our clients team with relationships at every level, as far as planning out an annual budget, implementing new technologies to help a business grow or to become more efficient," Wilson said.

Wilson said the company knows the ins and outs of all their systems, which in turn, provides a source of comfort for their customers.

"Typically with all of our monitoring systems, we know about the problem before we get the phone call, so our goal is to resolve issues before the client feels the impact," he said.

The company also pinpoints four main cores; education, healthcare, finance and small businesses.

"We're really excited about the growth thats coming in education and finance. I think the reason we do so well is we take healthcare and finance and you have a lot of compliance with technology and we take good practices we have in place for those verticals and we apply them across the board to all of our clients," Wilson noted.

Serving McPherson College has been a big asset for Reach Solutions Inc., as it is one of the largest systems they've used today.

"Its a networking switch for them and its a really high end one due to the size of campus and the fact that we're using fiber to connect all their buildings together. That is a common device for all of our clients and that one is just a really important one as it serves a network connectivity to all campus buildings," Wilson said.

Wilson is proud of their client base in McPherson as they provide many services to not only McPherson College, but to Swindoll Janzen Hawk & Lloyd, McPherson Concrete, Prairie Landworks, The Cedars and more.

"We are probably 99 percent word of mouth and how you achieve that is through good service and good relationships and we're very proud of that. What we build our business on is current clients talking to future clients without us even knowing," he added.

Another area Reach Solutions Inc. focuses on is their cloud infrastructure.

"Its really taking off. Traditionally, a business would have a server and computers in a building to connect to it and access their files and applications, now we're taking that out of your facility and hosting it to our cloud environment so you no longer have capitol investment of the server hardware and maintenance or management of that," Wilson said. "Business continuity is a big piece of what we do and we don't want you to have any worries when a tornado in Kansas comes through because we either put it back up into a disaster recovery plan in place, or perhaps we moved your infrastructure to our cloud environment where its completely safe from any natural disasters."

For more information, call 800-520-8938 or visit their website at or visit their Facebook page.

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