A Salina woman who escaped Monday night after being handcuffed and seat-belted into a patrol car while her vehicle was being searched for drugs told deputies she was able to slip her hands out of the cuffs, said Sheriff Roger Soldan.

When Sierra L. Machinicki, 29, was captured in rural McPherson County Tuesday afternoon, she no longer had the handcuffs, Soldan said.

According to the Saline County Jail booking log, Machinicki was booked Tuesday evening on misdemeanor charges that included escape from custody, interference with a law enforcement officer, possession of illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia, driving with a suspended driver’s license and theft of the handcuffs.

Machinicki allegedly gave a false name and was arrested after a deputy stopped her for driving without headlights about 10:50 p.m. Monday in the 200 block of North Fifth Street. Undersheriff Brent Melander said the deputy confirmed her real identity through a records check and realized her driver’s license was suspended. The officer followed procedures, handcuffing Machinicki’s arms behind her back and belting her into the front seat of his patrol vehicle while he used a trained dog to walk around her vehicle. The patrol car had no back seat, Melander said, because it was made to transport a police dog.

After a trained dog indicated the odor of narcotics coming from Machinicki’s car, a small amount of marijuana and a methamphetamine syringe were located in the vehicle, Melander said. When the deputy returned to his patrol vehicle to talk to Machinicki about items found in her car, he found the door to the patrol vehicle open, and she was gone.