LINDSBORG — Since 2000, the Lindsborg Arts Council has honored those who have given their time, talent and hearts to the art world.

"We choose an artist in the community that we feel has really given to the community over the years and has contributed in a variety of different ways. There really is no one medium that our artists come from. We have photographers, painters and we have a lot of music professors that have done a lot of composing, writing and helped with events," said Amy Dreier, president of the Lindsborg Arts Council.

The council is now taking nominations for Lindsborg artist of the year. Submissions are due by Jan. 26.

"We have an ad in the Lindsborg newspaper that they can cut out and send them in to us that way and then we have a tab on our website called “Artist of the Year.” They can click on that and fill out a form that way and submit it to us," Dreier explained.

Those nominating should be sure to take a minute to describe the importance of that artist and their impact, so the council will have a better understanding of each artist.

"There's a part on the form that says, 'Why do you think they should be named artist of the year' and also 'What is your supporting information,' so that way if we're not familiar with the artist, that gives us extra information," she added.

The council will then meet to name the Artist of the Year as a group. The winner will be announced during the Chocolate Lovers Affair - Art Auction event with a champagne toast around 7:45 p.m. on Feb. 10 at the J.O. Sundstrom Conference Center, 102 N. Main St., in Lindsborg.

"It just recognizes those artist that give so much and they're asked to do a lot. People don't realize that they pay for different things without being compensated. We asked our artists to donate a piece of art for the function and we always have a great response, they just donate it," Dreier said. "They're very giving and open to help whenever they can, that's why we came up with this title."

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