After losing two games straight, the Central Christian College Tigers bounced back with a blowout victory over Union College

It was a cakewalk for Central Christian College as they steamrolled their non-conference opponent Union College 108-31, which improved their record 10-8.

The Tigers started off the first half on a 13-0 run five minutes into the game.  Union College wasn’t able to keep up with the Tigers’ explosive offense that shot 61 percent from the basket. The game was already over by the end of the first half  after the Tigers put up a 55-12 lead.

“It’s a good break from conference with the conference being so brutal,” Tigers head coach Tony Romero said. “You know, so having a night where we have everybody in and hopefully get some confidence going into this weekend for the rest of our conference.”

With the starters dominating throughout the game, it was of no surprise that Romero decided to put  in the reserves  so they can seek more minutes on the court. The game went from a scheduled scrimmage to a fun pick-up game from both sides of the court.

“You get a win that’s fun for the guys and we get everybody in. They all work hard in practice and it’s good for them to get rewarded by getting into the game,” Romero said.

Four players for the Tigers finish the night in double figures. Both Paul Ard II and TJ Williams made 18 points over the Warriors. Williams was impressive the entire night at guard as he put on a show, both through his athleticism to get inside the paint and through his one-handed dunk he made in the first half.  Romero was amazed by the freshman’s performance and believe he can only get better going forward.

“He’s a dynamic freshman. Once he figures out how to really play within his skillset, he’s going to be really good. But he’s only a freshman. He’s a dang good freshman and I’m excited for his future,” Romero said.

A non-conference win Tuesday night was a good way for the Tigers to shift momentum on the winning side as the team will be back on the road for the rest of this week. The Tigers take on John Brown University at 8 p.m. Jan. 25 and Bacone College at 5 p.m. on Jan. 27.

Romero wants his team to improve on finishing ball games in the second half like they do in the first. 

“We just need to find a way to finish the second half better. I think our conference is competitive in a night-to-night basis. We have to understand that every possession within 40 minutes holds value into the game.”