After being down for over a month, the McPherson Aqua Pups were back in the pool over the weekend in Salina and recorded some time drops and finishes, as well as some new District qualifiers.

According to Head Coach Kyle Banman, “I just could tell the kids were having fun with this one. The Salina meets always have a special team feel to them and they didn’t disappoint.”

Several swimmers the Coach Banman acknowledged were Riley Gard and Sam Madden, who both swam in their first swim meets, with Riley tackling four events and getting eighth in one, while Sam took sixth in the 50 backstroke, while also swimming the 50 freestyle.

Up next for the Aqua Pups will be the weekend of January 27 when they swim at the Wichita Aqua Shocks.

Aqua Pups Highlights:

Rachel Fischer went 6-for-6 on best times and took second in the 100 Breaststroke, then had a trio of third-place finishes in the 50 Butterfly, 50 Backstroke and 50 Breaststroke.

Nethmi Hewawitharana dropped their time in 5-of-6 events, while finishing fourth in the 50 Breaststroke.

Gracy Hubbard swam her first short course 100 events, taking fifth in the 100 Breaststroke and sixth in the 100 Freestyle.

Jensen Mierkiewicz earned a District cut in the 100 Freestyle, while improving her 50 Freestyle District time.

Bree Pickerell went 6-for-6 on best times, while adding District cuts in the 50 Breaststroke and the 50 Freestyle, which also earned her a first place title.

Claire Schmidt finished in the top-3 in all of her events, taking first in the 100 Backstroke, while going 6-of-7 on best times and adding another District time in the 50 Butterfly.

Olivia Smolik had a top finish of seventh in the 100 Breaststroke, cut off 11.14 from her best 50 Freestyle when leading off the ‘B’ Freestyle Relay.

Kierstan Trost posted a pair of first-place finishes in the 200 Individual Medley and the 200 Freestyle, while taking second in the 50 Freestyle.

Jordan Vanderhoof cut times in both the 100 Backstroke and 100 Freestyle.

Adyson Wiens dropped time in the 50 Breaststroke and from her 50 Backstroke lead of the Medley Relay team.

Hazel Wuertz cut time in the 50 Freestyle while gaining a District time, she also dropped her time in the 100 Individual Medley while earning second-place, and took first in the 200 Freestyle.