MOUNDRIDGE — Dancers at Angel Feet Studio are asked to do more than just dance — they are asked to serve others and God.

For Dunri Palmer, owner and director of Angel Feet Studio, located at 118 S. Christian Ave. in Moundridge, serving God comes first in her studio.

"I believe lives are enhanced when the individual can see a higher purpose. Dance is a powerful form of communication. Not only are their lives enhanced, but the community is better and many will take what they learn here beyond their local community. It's a pretty exciting thing to be a part of and with the focus of glorifying Christ, that's how this was started and we stay true to that," Palmer said.

Before Palmer begins each class, she and her students bow in prayer and thank God for all he has done for them.

"It focuses the students and while I want them to each better themselves, it's our endeavor to make the atmosphere warm and loving. We don't want them to view their peers as competitors or something they have to fight for. We validate them and their efforts," Palmer noted.

Within her studio, older students can participate in the Ministry Team. The group of students ages 14 to 21 can join the touring group, which uses music and dance to explore Christian themes and topics. Each student's dancing skills must be up to snuff to take on the additional work.

"They've refined their craft and their techniques, so to speak. But they also go the extra mile because they learn extra choreography," Palmer added.

On top of students perfecting their dance techniques, they often perform at area events.

"In addition to their regular classes each week, they have a special class just for their ministry group where we take time to pray for one another and our needs during that class. We also are called on by groups such as churches, retirement homes and other places to come and dance for them,” Palmer explained.

Palmer is pleased with her group and their efforts to serve others in the community. The group has even taken their service outside of the state and country.

“We’ve gone to England twice and to Ireland. Then we took a big trip to Alaska,” she added. “We are still teaching about God and with dance being a powerful form of communication, it transcends words because sometimes people won’t pay attention to words, but they pay attention to the movement.”

As girls move up classes, the dance routines become more difficult.

“I start out with teaching ballet. It’s foundational in all dance forms, but we also do jazz, lyrical, tap dance and pointe,” Palmer noted.

To keep her class upbeat and appropriate, Palmer often chooses Christian songs for the students to dance to while they practice.

“We usually do all different kinds of music, depending on what type of class it is. Some I will use more traditional Christian songs. We have done hymns, contemporary Christian music but we also use various instrumental or classical pieces that help tell the story,” she added.

As a Christ-focused class and studio, Palmer explains to those who wish to join what her class is all about.

“When people call, I make sure they understand we’re a Christian studio, and by that I mean we talk openly. There is no forcing of belief or anything of that nature. Most parents will put their child in because they know the type of music I select and the movements I select. They’re going to feel safe in that environment, there’s no hidden agenda,” Palmer added. “I love what I do. I love my students, it’s like they’re my children. Whether they take one year or 12, their lives are going to be enhanced. I firmly believe that.”

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