McPherson resident Maci Sechler is on a mission to help those who step into her spa come out looking, and feeling, like a glowing goddess.

Her new business, There she Glows, reflects Sechler's dream and passion to create healthy, glowing skin for everyone.

"I love glowy skin. I think for me it's just the cherry on top when someone walks out of my room and I see their skin glowing. I think, 'Alright, I did it.' When someone comes in here and has an issue with their skin or something they've struggled with for a long time and just being able to see a change in their skin, that is what makes me feel that this is what I'm supposed to do in life," Sechler said.

Although Sechler is just now having the grand opening, the spa has been open since December 2017.

"I was originally going to open Jan. 1, but I was able to get things moving quicker than I planned and I didn't want to wait until January to start. I chose to do the grand opening now as it was a busy time of year when I initially opened and the timing was right to do it Jan. 29," she added.

There She Glows, 112 E. Marlin in McPherson, is a full service day spa that offers multiple areas of skin care treatment.

"I do a lot of exfoliating treatments and people are loving it. It removes dead skin and that can be done on the face and décolletage (chest) area. I do chemical peels of all different levels and those are customizable as well. I do full facial waxing and body waxing and exfoliating body polishes," she explained.

Before venturing out on her own, Sechler worked at Beyond Body Therapy in Hutchinson, but when the opportunity arose to start her own business, she jumped at the chance.

"It has always been a dream of mine and God opened the right door for me to make that happen. I took a giant leap of faith and started my own business," Sechler said.

Now, Sechler shares a building with Deb Luttig, owner of the hair salon Bello Capelli in the space next to hers, and said things couldn't have worked out better.

"As I was viewing my options as to what I was going to do after leaving my last job, I was speaking to my sister about it and she mentioned possibly starting my own business. I contacted Deb and it worked perfectly," she added.

Before learning she loved skin care treatment, Sechler focused on the makeup side of skin care.

"I went into esthetics for the makeup part — I love makeup I wanted to be a makeup artist. Once I started learning about the anatomy of how the skin itself is healing and the amazing things it does, I got really into that aspect of it. I'm definitely more skin care now, but I still love makeup, so it's nice to be able to do both sides," she added.

Sechler recalls even playing with makeup as a child.

"I've done makeup for as long as I can remember. I used to play in my mom's makeup drawer at home. I've always been fascinated by it and how it can transform a person — whether it's internal or external — I think its amazing," Sechler noted.

Sechler said she likes to use social media to show off her talents and to inspire others to try her looks.

"I had an Instagram account while I was at the other spa and I had like 20,000 followers by just posting my looks. I ended up deleting it because it became too much like a work thing and I definitely want to keep makeup as a hobby — I never want to loose my love for that," she said.

Along with teaching herself new tricks with what’s trending in the makeup industry, Sechler also offers classes to teach others to find their perfect look.

"We can do a class for a fun girls night and they get together and we can go over the basics of something. I've also done a makeup class for younger girls that are in middle school or high school to teach them the basics of makeup and how to get them going. I've also done a class for a day to nighttime look. Whatever the group wants to know, I can teach it — there's always something to learn with makeup," Sechler said.

For more information call 620-755-3477 or visit her There She Glows Facebook page.

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