LINDSBORG — While hearts are the most iconic symbol of love, thanks to Valentine's Day, an upcoming art show seeks to explore the different meanings of “heart.”

The White Peacock Tea and Coffee Company is calling for artwork of different interpretations of what the heart is all about for the Heart Art showcase. This is the second time the coffee shop has hosted a Heart Art event.

"Anyone of all ages can submit their interpretation of what they think of heart art. Many people bring in things with actual hearts in them. One of my favorite pieces from last year was someone did a large portrait of the Queen of Hearts. It was a lot of fun and interesting to see everyones interpretations," said Tayla Mace, artist and owner of The White Peacock Tea and Coffee Company.

Artwork can be submitted at no cost and will be accepted until Feb. 5. Pieces will be hung up until March 9 at the White Peacock, located at 124 S. Main St., in Lindsborg.

Opening night to showcase artwork will be from 5 to 8 p.m. on Feb. 9 at the coffee shop during the Makers Street - The Lindsborg Art Walk event.

Mace said she loves when the artist’s creativity shines when they figure out what “heart art” means for them.

"I think a lot of people first think of heart art as Valentine's Day and specific heart shapes. Of course that's wonderful, but when people really start getting down into what it means to make something from the heart or things that are really important in their life, we start getting an incredible variety of work. I'm excited to see what we have this year," Mace said.

Heart Art will be held at the White Peacock because of its low-key and supportive environment for those with different skill levels in the art world.

"I think a lot of people really enjoyed the idea of being able to put up their work in a casual environment. That's what we were going for. Anyone can join and have their artwork on the wall," Mace added.

As Mace is a non-traditional artist herself, she said it's her mission to bring together those in the community who also appreciate art.

"I can't help but try to connect with the creative community that we have here in Lindsborg. I'm constantly working toward different ways to interact with these people and I really enjoy providing a supportive space for people just to do what they want to do and make the things they want to make," she said.

For more information call 785-212-6108 or message The White Peacock Coffee and Tea Company on their Facebook page. 

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