Getting out of your comfort zone can be difficult, especially when it comes to yoga, but for yoga enthusiasts Roxanne Nelson and Loc Le, finding a positive attitude is just the place to start.

The pair will teach their first beginners workshop on partner yoga from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on Feb. 10 at The Well, located at 101 N. Main St. in McPherson.

"This partner yoga workshop is for anyone. As far as partners go, it can be your significant other, a family member, a close friend or anyone who you want to share this practice with," Nelson said.

Nelson and Le wanted to share their unique passion with the McPherson community, which resulted in the workshop.

"We're really passionate about the practice. It's so fun and we want to let McPherson have a chance to experience something like this. We're excited to share it with more people and see what kind of interest we could build and maybe start more of an acro-yoga community," she added.

Different techniques will be taught at the workshop such as partner yoga, breath work, acrobatic flying, therapeutic flying and Thai yoga massage. Spotters will also be attending for safety precautions.

"Acrobatic flying is where there will be a base, then the base will be lifting up the flyer. Acrobatic yoga is higher energy and a bit more of intense poses. It will be a lot like moving from one pose to the next, but not too quick because we're just starting out," Nelson said. "Later on we will cover therapeutic flying. That will show how can we still be up in the air as a flyer, but how can the base change their movements to make the flyer feel relaxed. We will also incorporate a lot of techniques with massaging. The flyer will be up in the air in a certain pose, and the base will be massaging the shoulders."

While the names of the practices may seem intimidating for most, Nelson noted that no experience is needed to participate in the class.

"You have to start somewhere, and sometimes just even hearing the word yoga people go, 'Oh I can't do that,' or 'I'm not fit enough,' or 'My body doesn't move that way.' But if we never try or if we never start, then it never will happen. It was new to us at one point and you just have to have a positive attitude and it's really accessible for everyone," Nelson explained.

Nelson also noted that limited items are necessary for the workshop. Participants should bring a partner, a yoga mat if you have one, but they will provide one if you don't, water, and participants can also bring a pillow or blanket for comfort, but is not necessary.

Bringing a partner is important for the workshop, Nelson noted, especially someone you know to become comfortable with the poses.

"We are really pushing bringing your own partner. We don't really want individuals coming alone, we want there to be someone who you're comfortable with. If you're comfortable with someone, then hopefully you'll become more comfortable with the practice," she said.

The event is limited to the first 10 registered pairs and cost is $30 for a pair. To register and secure a spot for the event, call Nelson at 620-897-7156 or email her at

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