MOUNDRIDGE — Public speaking isn't something most people enjoy, especially younger children. Whether it's in front of a small or large crowd, nerves are bound to happen.

The Moundridge Public Library is partnering with the Moundridge Golden Opportunity 4-H club so members can practice their topics for their annual 4-H Club Day. This way, 4-Hers can work through their fears and feel comfortable when presenting in front of judges at 4-H club day.

"We have arranged for the local fourth grade teacher and library board member, Ann Koehn, to come and provide constructive criticism for each presentation," said Jill Stern, director of the library.

The mock presentations will take place from 7 to 8 p.m. on Feb. 12 at the library, 220 S. Christian Ave. in Moundridge. The practice time will give 4-H members a chance to present in front of a new audience, other than their parents or other familiar faces, and receive positive feedback and criticism.

"It also gives them the unique opportunity to showcase their knowledge for the community and for attendees to show their support of the 4-H and all the hard work these kids have to put into their presentations,” Stern said.

Although the venue and audience may be smaller than the one at the 4-H annual club day, it is still beneficial for members to practice in front of new faces and settings.

“4-H club day is an event that gives participants an opportunity to tell others about their 4-H projects and demonstrate their talents and abilities. Presenters have been practicing their talks at home and in other, more familiar venues for weeks,” Stern said. “But giving them a new setting and a brand new audience to work with will test their presentation skills and give them the confidence they need to feel comfortable at a bigger venue where they are being judged.”

While the library has shown 4-H projects in their display case for many years, this is the first year to host presentations.

“These displays usually include award-winning photographs, poster boards, sewing projects, pottery, rock collections and other items. While this is the first year offering the program, we think it represents a win-win for both the 4-H club and the community,” Stern explained. “When I was approached late last year about using the library as a forum for one of the 4-H club participants to share this project, I thought it was not only a wonderful idea, but something that would be even more appealing if many voices could be heard. When we reached out to the 4-H leadership, they were very enthusiastic about the idea. I could see this being a successful annual offering.”

For more information on 4-H night, contact the Moundridge Public Library at 620-345-6355 or visit their website at or visit their Facebook page.

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