MOUNDRIDGE — Business has been booming for Curtis Zimmer, CEO of CRS Enterprises LLC in McPherson.

The McPherson resident has moved buildings nearly six times since the asphalt equipment business began and is moving once more to a bigger location.

"We started in a smaller building in McPherson 10 or 11 years ago and we outgrew that building very quickly. Once we got to the point where we are today, we're in about a 3,000 square food building. That was too small so we started looking for buildings to buy but we simply couldn't find one anywhere in McPherson," Zimmer explained.

CRS Enterprises LLC is an asphalt seal coating equipment company and sells anything needed to make road repairs and more.

"If you have an asphalt driveway and it's in really bad condition and it needs some work, I'll go out and fill a pot hole patch or crack filler or if you need to seal the whole thing when it’s done, that’s the type of work I do,” Zimmer said.

For two years, a sign sat outside of a bank in Moundridge saying commercial land was for sale, Zimmer thought nothing of it but decided it was time to give it a chance, which resulted in his new building in Moundridge.

“The bank was giving away commercial land that they have in their industrial park and I ignored that sign. When I couldn’t find a building I thought, ‘Well, let’s just go find out what the details are on this land.’ So they helped me buy that piece of land for my new building,” he said.

The new building has been in the works since Nov. 1 and Zimmer hopes to be moved in the beginning of March.

“We need to be moving in by March 1 because it’s a seasonal type of business. About March 1 the phone suddenly starts ringing and people want to buy equipment,” he added.

Zimmer’s business began with a simple motorcycle ride to Oktoberfest 12 years ago.

“One of the guys I was talking to was chatting about his asphalt company and I made the comment, ‘If you ever need any help give me a call.’ Later in the future he called me up and said, ‘You think you could build asphalt making equipment,’” Zimmer laughed.

For more information on CRS Enterprises LLC, contact Zimmer at 620-241-3874 or email him at 

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