MOUNDRIDGE — Sometimes, when looking back at your life, it can be easier to put memories on paper rather than having to speak the words out loud.

"Writing to Save Your Life" will be held from 9 a.m. until noon on Feb. 17 at Pine Village Wellness Center, 86 22nd Ave. in Moundridge.

The workshop will be presented by StoryTellers of the Great Plains, a coalition of five authors who write memoirs, essays, blogs, journal, poems and fiction.

Kathy Wiens, author of the childhood memoir "Bars, Dumps and Other Childhood Hangouts," will share her insights and experience into using writing as a tool for healing during "Writing to Save Your Life."

"When I wrote that, that was really a very therapeutic thing for me to do," Wiens said. "To write out those stories, those difficult parts of my life, helped me work through that trauma....for me personally, writing has been a very healing process and I want to share that with other people."

Events can be traumatic for children, even if they would be dismissed as inconsequential by adults, Wiens noted. By learning to use writing as a tool for reflection, individuals can experience healing and transformation.

"It's kind of combining writing and therapy," Wiens said.

Joanna Pinkerton, freelance artist and creator of the book "Scripture Doodle3," will explain her creative process called "until we have wings," using art and writing to work through the grief process.

“We’re going to help people learn how to use art in conjunction with writing,” Wiens said.

Attendees will be able to make use of supplies for making collages, drawing with markers or sketching with colored pencils.

“I think there’s a writer and an artist in all of us. We all have a story, imagination and creativity,” Wiens said.

A bonus, hands-on workshop in the afternoon will give workshop attendees an opportunity to apply what was introduced in the morning session.

“That’s going to be a very hands-on time,” Wiens said. “We’re going to share a lot of ideas in the morning and let people implement them in the afternoon.”

“Writing to Save Your Life” is open to all ages. Participants are encouraged to bring a notebook and writing utensils.

“They may be really surprised to see what they find,” Wiens said.

The cost for “Writing to Save Your Life” is $20 for the morning workshop and $10 for the bonus session.

To register for “Writing to Save Your Life,” contact either Barb Orsi by calling 316-300-0287 or emailing; or Kathy Goering by calling 316-371-6189 or emailing

For more information about StoryTellers of the Great Plains, visit

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